Do I Need Blackout Blinds For My Nursery?

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As a new parent, it’s normal if you start searching around for all nursery necessities. At one point, you may feel overwhelmed and will start to think whether some recommendations are even necessary. One of the common questions we have is “Do I need blackout blinds for nursery?”

In general, your child needs sunlight during the day, but it is also important that their nursery remains calm, dark, and quiet during the night. Having them nap with a little bit of sunlight and light noise is ideal while keeping the room completely dark and quiet during the night. This helps them with the development of their circadian rhythm.

To answer your question: yes, it is important to get blackout blinds for your nursery, even if you think you won’t need it because it gets dark at night, there are some instanced where light still shines even if it’s late at night. Car headlights, emergency vehicles, security lights, etc.

This disrupts their sleeping pattern and your child will think that it’s still daytime, fighting their way to sleep.

During the summer season, it generally stays pretty light even when it’s late at night. This is where blackout curtains or blinds play a crucial role. You can shut the blinds whenever it’s time to go to bed, so their body clocks and circadian rhythm won’t get confused.

Blackout blinds in a nursery make sleeping more possible. When you have kids, you’ll be surprised at how much they wanted to stay awake, and one thing that you can help them feel relaxed is by shutting off all light from the windows and by keeping the room as dark as possible.

Kids are different. You’ll find some parents bragging about how their kids can sleep even with bright lights coming from their window, while you’ll find some who are having troubles putting their little one to bed. You can never be too sure – which is why adding some blackout blinds to your shopping list makes a great addition to your nursery.