Hockey Themed Nursery

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Hockey is a very popular sport that many people play. There are also a multitude of professionals and amateurs that play on a regular basis at all levels of skills. So naturally there are proud moms and dads everywhere who are hockey fans

Ways To Create A Hockey Themed Nursery

If you are a fan of the game, and you have a new child on the way, you may want to consider creating a hockey themed nursery. This is a theme that can have many different components. This will include ice skates, the hockey stick, the hockey puck, and even the goal area. You can get throw rugs that will have an entire hockey field, and you can use all of these items in some way with the wallpaper, curtains, and blankets for your baby.

Hockey Themed Nursery Decor Ideas

You may want to begin with obtaining some of the items that you can hang on the walls. This will include pictures of hockey sticks and pucks, and even wallpaper that has a similar appearance. The blankets and sheets for the baby should also have hockey-related emblems.

Use Hockey Sticks

You may also want to get actual hockey sticks that you can safely secure to the wall. In some cases, there will be bookshelves, changing stands, and dressers that will have emblems of hockey equipment or even those that represent your favorite team. Although this is for the child, it’s a great way to start the process of decorating this in a way that you find appealing.

It is possible to have someone create a hockey name sign that will have the name of your baby, sitting on top of a hockey stick and hockey puck.

Stuffed Animals In Hockey Jerseys

You can have toys that look like animals, each dressed up in jerseys that represent a hockey team. Hockey sticks can also be converted into coat hangers, and a nightlight is likely available that also has this equipment.

Finally, consider putting pictures of hockey players, as well as cartoon characters, that are playing the game of hockey. By decorating the room in this way, it will complete the hockey themed nursery appearance.