Most Calming Colors For Babies

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Your baby’s nursery should be a relaxing and calming place. Take the time to find the most calming nursery color to make it a haven for your child. Here are the most calming nursery colors to consider.

1. Soft Shades Of Blue

Soft shades of blue will mimic a cloudless sky or a calm sea thereby relaxing your baby’s mind and body. The color blue has been known to reduce respiration, heartrate and blood pressure. It will also cool down the body preparing it for sleep. It also reduces feelings of aggression and anxiety. It’s the best choice for newborns or toddlers prone to tantrums. You need to avoid dark blues because they will keep your baby active for longer.

2. Muted Shades Of Green

Green is a symbol for mother nature. It’s a sense of security that we will grow and thrive. The color is often associated with overall well-being, health and healing. It reduces anxiety prompting better concentration. For your baby’s nursery, you should choose medium greens to make the room calming and relaxing for your baby.

3. Pale Purples

The color purple is often associated with spirituality and wisdom. It brings out the soothing features of the color blue and the natural feminine pink colors. For your baby’s nursery, you can’t go wrong with lilac or lavender because they create a serene and soft atmosphere. Avoid the darker shades of purple to make the baby’s nursery calming and relaxing.

4. Pastel Pinks

The color pink symbolizes unconditional love and compassion. It’s the perfect fit for your baby’s room. It will bring out warm and amazing feelings allowing your little one to relax. However, don’t go overboard with the pink since too much of it might lead to anxiety and agitation in toddlers. You should choose a pale and peachy shade of pink to make the place neutral.

Have fun decorating your baby’s room with these amazing colors.