Nautical Theme Nursery

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Nautical nursery decor are an ever popular choice among parents for nursery decor and design. Rich in beautiful calming blues, nautical theme nursery designs are growing in popularity. There are many ways to add a nautical touch to your little boy or girl’s nursery. Wall painting and art, custom nautical throw pillows, nautical rugs, posters and more.

There are so many ways to bring an ocean fairing touch to your nursery. The only hard part about creating a nautical nursery in your house is all the choices you have when. All over the internet you can find the most charming and stylish nautical decor for your ocean

Nautical Nursery Color Scheme

When creating your nautical nursery, colors are often the first choices you need to figure out. What are some common colors that can be found in nautical nurseries?

Light Blues For The Sky

Blues are a favorite choice for any nursery, especially nautical nursery themes. Light blues do a great job of inspiring the feeling of wide open bright blue skies that any sailor would love to see when they set sail on an ocean journey!

Deeper Blues For The Water

Speaking of an ocean journey, no nautical nursery would be complete without a sense of a massive body of water for our newest adventurer to chart their course across.

Dark blues do a great job of bringing in a ocean feel to inspire your nautical nursery decor

Whites and Greys Inspire Clouds 

Whites and greys are the popular choice to serve as the foundation and contrast to any nautical themed nursery. Create big fluffy clouds with subtle off-white colors and a bright contrast from a light blue.

Nautical Nursery Decor & Design Elements

Having trouble coming up ideas on what to add to your nautical nursery? Here are some common nautical features you can use to bring your nautical aspirations to life!

Add Stars To Your Nursery

Stars are beautiful additions to any nursery. Painting stars in glow in the dark paint is a creative way to light up a nursery.

Find Your Way With A Compass Rose

The classic compass that has guided sailors for years makes for a beautiful design element to add to any nautically themed room in your home, especially a nursery.

Beach Decor

The beach is a fantastic source of inspiration for nautical nursery decor. Everyone loves going to the beach and visiting the mighty oceans. Hearing it’s powerful waves crash into our coastal shores. A day at the beach is a fantastic experiences to bring into your nursery

What beach elements can you add to your nursery?

  • Sand castles are a childhood favorite
  • Big bright bouncy beach balls
  • Footprints in the sand
  • Popular vintage boardwalks

Add Some Ocean Life To Your Nursery

The nautical world is full of majestic and beautiful creatures. These sea animals can fit really well into any nautical nursery design. What ocean life makes for a great baby room?


Whales are the largest mammals on earth and these gentle giants are a graceful addition to any nursery decor layout.

Sea Turtles

These slow but graceful and ancient creatures are a favorite due to their gentle and peaceful demeanor.