Nintendo Themed Nursery

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nintendo theme decor items for a nursery

If you want a memorable nursery with fun decor that you can be proud of for years to come, one of the best possible ideas is to adopt a Nintendo theme. This will be perfect if you or your spouse are interested in video games and intend to pass the hobby down to your little one as well.

Nintendo Themed Nursery Ideas

Nintendo has an immense cast of popular, family-friendly, colorful characters that will be right at home in any video game themed nursery. There are also tons of decorations and toys out there, and a lot of it is tailored for meager budgets. Now, let’s go over some basic ideas to get you started.

8-Bit Walls

First of all, consider going retro with 8-bit 1980’s style imagery in your Nintendo themed nursery! You can pull up reference images online and simply follow the basic block patterns yourself. You can either affix colored tiles to the walls or even paint everything by hand if you’re up to the task. One nursery wall can feature Super Mario, another could showcase Zelda, and so on. Mixing and matching franchises will make for a colorful room that even adult video game fans will envy!

Game Soundtracks

Music is a big part of any nursery of course, and you might want to consider adding some classic game soundtracks into your Nintendo themed nursery playlist. Songs from titles like Super Mario Bros are upbeat and catchy, thereby helping create a fun and adventurous atmosphere.

Don’t Forget The Merchandise

Lastly, be sure to scour the internet for Nintendo related merchandise. You can find everything from alarms to wall clocks, lamps to blankets, stuffed animals to framed artwork, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Between Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pokemon, Mario, and so on, the vast stable of Nintendo characters has proven so popular that you can easily find relevant furnishing and decor.