Outer Space Themed Nursery

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Aim For The Stars With An Outer Space Themed Nursery

Outer space has long captured the imaginations of people across the globe.

Everywhere we look we see news about spacecraft returning from the far reaches of our solar system with samples of asteroids or that companies are launching private spacecraft with their eyes firmly on the Moon or Mars.

Just why is space such a hot topic? The simple explanation is that the unknown reaches of space fire our imagination – and you are never too young (or old) to enjoy an active imagination. This is why many parents are choosing outer space themes when deciding to decorate nurseries, besides which there are simply so many fun decor options when it comes to this exciting theme.

Here are some great ideas for nursery decor that adds the excitement of the infinite reaches of space to the wonder of having a young child in the house.

Early Days Of NASA

One of the most exciting periods for space exploration has without doubt when mankind first reached for the stars.

The vintage / retro space look is perfect for the nursery. The walls especially can be a canvas that can excite the imagination. Be bold with vibrant reds and let the stars shine on the walls. Murals of retro rockets are also perfect. Throw in the odd flying saucer and you have a very attractive (and timeless) decor treatment.

Add to the fun with glow-in-the-dark stars on the roof – or purchase a star projector nightlight. There are many decals available for wall decoration that can make this theme shine with a minimum of effort – and cost. The addition of a carpet with a retro sci-fi theme will add even more interest to the room.

Our Pale Blue Dot

Astronauts were quick to remark on the fragile beauty of the earth when viewed from space – and this blue globe is the perfect mural for the nursery. It can feature the soothing colors of earth, greens and blues for land and ocean.

Use those blues for the walls and the vibrant, yet soothing image of our globe provides the perfect warmth to any nursery. this is a case where big is definitely better – let that image of the Earth dominate. The odd touch like an old fashioned globe (there are nightlight versions available) can complete a room. Furniture with simple straight lines will complement the curves of the Earth decoration.

A minimalist outer space design for the nursery can also be highly effective. Think deep blue walls with a picture of the constellations (joined white dots a la star signs) can be highly effective. A simple space-themed light fixture can complete the design.

An outer space themed nursery design is simple and cost-effective – and the entire family can get involved in the decorating. The decor is timeless and it is fun and what more does one want from a nursery space?