The Best Colors For A Nursery

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There’s nothing like a newborn to gently remind us of how precious life is.

Many parents want to design their child’s nursery to reflect upon their dreams and hopes for the child.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best colors for a nursery. There are a variety of ways to set a theme and color. You’ll want to answer a few questions before you embark on choosing the best color for your nursery.

Gender Neutral Nursery Colors

If you’re unsure whether you’re having a boy or girl, you may wish to consider a gender-neutral color. For most people, this means a soft pastel shade of yellow or green. There are a variety of hues that can be used to design a cute nursery around these colors. You could also go with a basic beige, light grey, or even cream or white to paint your nursery.

Colors For Boy’s Nursery

If you know that you’re going to have a boy, you may wish to opt for the typical theme of blue for your new son. You can go with a pastel shade or a deeper and darker shade depending upon your personal style and choice. You could also do stripes in varying shades of blue for your nursery.

Girl’s Nursery Colors

Of course, most people think of pink when they know that they’re having a girl. This is easy to do and there are a wide array of shades you can choose from if you’re going to go with pink for your nursery.

Regardless of whether you’re having a boy or girl, keep in mind that you want your nursery to be peaceful and to induce sleep not keep your little one up all night looking around at their room. To do this, keep things simple and don’t clutter your nursery with too much busyness.