Video Game Themed Nursery

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video game super mario wall decor painting

Do you want to put together a video game themed nursery for your child?

When you’re a fan of either retro games like Super Mario or current-gen games, there are plenty of decorations you can buy for a nursery.

Here are a couple of ideas that you can work with to turn the nursery into a video game themed paradise!

Figure out what games you want to have featured in the room. If you wanted, for instance, to go with something retro then you could have a game character like Pac-Man as the main theme of the room.

There are all kinds of decorations, like wallpaper, that feature video game characters for your nursery. You can also choose a specific brand to build around. Imagine having a nursery with a full Nintendo theme or Final Fantasy theme.

Just think about what games you’re interested in or what games you want your child to be into when they get a little older. Then, you can track down decorations that have to do with that game.

video game nursery wall art

Have furniture around the nursery that is video game related.

Try to find pieces that are interesting because of their design but also safe to use when a child is around.

Avoid things like tables with sharp corners so there is less likely of a chance for your child to get injured when they are in the room.

A nursery is generally just used for a baby to sleep in but later on when they grow older you can add more to the room like video game related toys that they can play with. The sky is the limit when decorating so look up your favorite games and buy furniture and toys related to it that will fit in with the room!

Now you have a better idea of what you need to put in a video game themed nursery.

This can be a fun project to work on if you love any kind of video games. Since there are tons of games out there, there are also a lot of awesome pieces you can add to a room.