What Do You Need In A Baby Nursery

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Do you have a baby on the way and are looking for what to include in the nursery?

Well, you need to be well-prepared when the baby comes. Here is a list of the things you need to have in the baby nursery.

What You Should Have In A Baby Nursery

A crib with a comfortable crib mattress for the baby. Make sure there are fitted crib sheets in the crib and a waterproof mattress protector in the event of an accident.

A changing table for any diaper changes you will be doing in the nursery, especially at night.

A comfortable rocking chair to help you rock the baby to sleep as often as you can. It will come in handy because you don’t have to move the baby from one room to the other when trying to put them to sleep.

A baby monitor, especially if you have a big house, will come in handy in your nursery. You can listen or watch the baby sleep without any worries.

A diaper genie should also be placed in the nursery to allow you to dispose the dirty diapers comfortably without carrying them around the house.

You should add a dresser with the baby’s clothes so you can have an easy time changing your child after giving them a bath.

Add a nightlight or a lamp with a dimmer to allow easier feedings, especially at night.

Make sure the crib has a crib mobile above the crib. However, you need to remove it as soon as your child can support themselves on their hands or knees. Besides that, there should be age-appropriate toys in the nursery including a play mat where the baby can rest on their back or crawl around.

Place a soft rug that’s easy to clean in the nursery. You should opt for one that’s 100% organic cotton to avoid any off-gassing.

With these items, your baby’s nursery should look amazing.